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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Maintenance of private pools, cleaning and maintenance

Swimming pools need proper care and maintenance to keep them in perfect hygienic and clean conditions. In addition to the nature of the pool water, a series of microorganisms and contaminants are constantly being introduced, which come from bathers and the environment. Each swimmer introduces an enormous amount of bacteria into the water, for example, in the mouth and nose, which proliferate rapidly in the pool water. On the other hand, dust, pollen, sweat and remnants of suntan lotions and creams are difficult to remove due to normal filtration processes.

The purpose of adding chemicals is to provide disinfection of the pool water, eliminating any microbiological activity, either by inactivation or destruction of microorganisms, and to increase filtration performance. It should be noted, however, that there are a number of impurities that are not destroyed by the disinfection system, and that will only be eliminated by an efficient renovation of the pool water.

Cleaning the pool removes the tiny plants that grow on the walls and bottom of the pool. The maintenance of swimming pools makes the conditions unfavorable to their development. If the conditions are not favorable, they remain as inactive particles in the water body itself or suspended in the air. The cleaning of a swimming pool is a recurring maintenance care that must be done throughout the year.

Tell us what the problem is, we present the solution . If your pool shows signs of visual and / or structural degradation, breaks, water losses or reduced energy efficiency our technical team is at your disposal, we visit the place without any commitment, and we present you the best quote for replacement, repair , or rehabilitation of your pool or equipment. Talk to us !

Some cleaning and maintenance work for swimming pools
in the areas of Óbidos, Caldas da Rainha, Lourinhã, Foz do Arelho namely in the Praia D’El Rey, Bom Sucesso and Pérola da Lagoa Resorts

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Service

algaecide chlorine / filter / basket / bottom and walls / pool sheets

Verification of water pH levels . The chemical balance, or pH, of the pool water must be between 7 and 7.8.

Application of chlorine in pool maintenance to keep the water clean, translucent and free of microorganisms and bacteria. In addition to chlorine, algaecide is another product that should be used to clean your pool. The algaecide eliminates and prevents algae from appearing in the pool water.

The filter cleaning guarantees an immaculate pool. When cleaning the pool, you must pay attention to the filter injectors to see if they have lost strength or if the vacuum cleaner is not picking up dirt. If so, it's time to clean the filter.

Maintenance of the skimmer basket which must be cleaned to help ensure the circulation of natural water.

Cleaning the bottom and walls of the pool : when it comes to pool maintenance, we think about cleaning the water right away. And although there are ways to treat the pool water, to keep it truly clean, you must ensure that the bottom and walls of the pool are cleaned with the help of a manual machine or an automatic robot to clean the pool bottoms.

Checking and cleaning the blades . If the pool has salt electrolysis, the slides should be checked and cleaned at least once a month and / or according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Maintaining your pool - how we do it

Maintenance of your pool will be done annually once a week. That includes vacuuming the pool, cleaning the water line, washing skimers, cleaning the baskets, checking chemicals and applying them or salt. The circulation filter pre-filter, the sand filter are also cleaned and the water level is checked, the engine room will be kept clean. If an anomaly is detected in the pool system or water leakage will be reported to the owner